Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #176: One Photo/One Story

This week, on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #176, host Ann-Christine has chosen the minimalistic theme of One photo/One Story.

I have two photos for this week’s challenge and both feature human emotions because in my opinion, a person’s emotions tell a lot about the person.

This photo was shot during my trip to the Hunan province in 2017. I remember feeling terrified as I sat on the front row, watching this man (who the announcer told the audience he’s in his 80’s) juggle first cleavers, then machetes, then axes – all which are quite dangerous things to be juggling around I might add.

You can see the intense concentration in his eyes. They sure have stories to tell like one wrong move and something terrible will follow.

Taken spring of this year, I thought the looks on these children’s faces were some of the most interesting looks I’ve ever captured from afar. The way they stared at the giant bubble. The girl in the middle looks as if she’s mesmerized by it while the boy next to her is blowing, trying to send the bubble skyward. At the same instant, the boy in the white shirt looks like an UFO is landing.

The looks on the kids’ faces are so interesting. I can come up with so many stories of what their looks remind me of.

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