#SundayStills – Getting Cozy

I am a simple person with simple desires and when it comes to getting cozy especially during winter, my go-to is minimalistic at its best – just a cup of rich and delightful hot cocoa and somewhere that’s warm.

Like how this cat is curled up comfortably on the couch by the fireplace that was behind me, that spot feels like somewhere I would park for the afternoon.

View from the lodge

Here is my favorite way to staying warm and cozy during winter – head to a ski resort, ride the tram to the top, if there’s a restaurant or lodge, head inside, order a steamy cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream and preferably marshmallow, and finally find a seat with the view. Now, that, in my vocabulary, is a simple person’s luxury.

Sunday Stills

10 thoughts on “#SundayStills – Getting Cozy

  1. One of my favorite hot drinks growing up – hot cocoa and whip cream. I remember a little diner(?) I use to go to in a little town called Brookings (Oregon).. Whenever I was there, I ALWAYS ordered a hot cocoa with lots of whip cream😂… Of course it wasn’t the only place I would order such a drink but it stands out it in my mind the most.

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