A Photo a Week Challenge: Funny Signs

I used to laugh at memes of ill-translated signs on Pinterest. It was something to boost my moods though I never thought I’d encounter such signs until I took a trip to China in 2017.

The sign above was from my aunt’s favorite vegan restaurant. When I told her about the misspelling, she replied, “Well you still know what it is, don’t you?”

Well yeah, it’s because I was a translator back then and it was my job to know Chinese but to unsuspected travelers, this is a laugh.

I don’t know where the downward arrow is pointing but there’s nothing below except the ground…and boating? According to Google translate, those two characters mean “white water rafting”, close enough, I guess.

More strangely translated signs though I have to applaud at the poetic way the second-half of the sign below is worded in Chinese.

Literally, it translates to, “9 points (as in 9 out of 10) scenery, be super careful.” I do wonder why not a 10 out of 10 for scenery?

Ominous and not at all funny, that trek was long, slippery, and wet like trudging through a jungle during rainy season. I did not enjoy this trek one bit and it should not be called “a curtain of dreams”.

A Photo a Week Challenge

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