#SundayStills – #Elements

I took this picture on my walk a few days ago. I don’t know why other than I thought the way the clouds concealed parts of the mountain looked kind of cool. I was standing near the middle of the road at the time because I was avoiding the area in front of me. That snow has been there for a while. It’s not melting because it’s shaded by the fence. So I’m afraid it would be icy.

I am a fan of cloud photography because it’s a practice on being patient and clouds can change in a moment’s notice. I took a few shots of this photo, all within a few minutes of each other, yet the clouds in these photos were different. The above is my favorite out of the group.

The shot below represents air and this shot was such an ephemeral shot that when I tried to get another shot at the exact spot a moment later, it was not the same as this one. It was just for a second the wind shifted to allow sunlight through, just enough time for one shot.

Sunday Stills

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