Truthful Tuesday 02-08-2022

On time for once to participate in Truthful Tuesday on a Tuesday. This week, host Frank from Thoughts and Theories asks:

What hobby or pastime have you recently set aside, either partially or completely, even if just for the time being? What has made you set it aside? Has another hobby or pastime taken its place? If so, is it a new interest or has something previously put away caught your attention again?

I used my DSLR camera for the first time in probably months this past weekend when I did an impromptu outing. I have to do more of that – go out without telling my mother exactly where I’m going. In my defense though, we did just had a fight and wasn’t on speaking terms.

Still, it was fun having the freedom to go where I want to go without the expectation of the time to arrive home. And I think I should have that freedom because I am not a child, not a teenager, I am a grown-ass freaking adult, for crying out loud.

In place of doing my favorite activity – photography – what has taken place had been either crochet while binging on old TV shows (like 20 years old), writing (my other favorite activity), or just still straight binging on old TV shows.

A few years ago, my hobby was writing. I used to write a lot of short stories on this blog, come to think of it, like 700-1000 words stories, but I lost the motivation. It just took too much time and a lot of times, my imagination would suddenly halt in the middle of the story. It was like back in the days when I used to borrow DVDs or VHS from the library and right as I was getting to the best part of the movie or episode, it stops playing because the disk had too many scratches on it.

I still like photography – it relaxes me – and I hope to pick it back up as the seasons change and weather gets warmer.

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