#AtoZChallenge 2022 – Grand vs. Medieval

Contains strong language, please be advised.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I-it’s real? Beth blinks while pinching herself to make sure she’s not dreaming. “Ouch,” she mutters beneath her breath. It’s very real. I can’t wait to tell Stephanie, she would’ve love this. I hope they won’t administer drugs at the end of this to make us forget this experience. Damn it, how can I forget my phone. Note to self: make sure your phone never leaves your side ever again.

After the limousine came to a halt in front of the house, as soon as the door opened, Abby, Beth, Charlie, Daphne, and Ethan tumbled out as if they’ve been trapped in an airless room for hours. The man who knocked on their doors stood in front of them, waiting for them to get back up. “Do not lose these keys,” he said as he handed each of the Five a golden key.

“On each key was a number – 3, 14, 15, 9, and 2. These are your room keys. Like I said, don’t lose them, you won’t get another. Now, follow me.”

“I’m sorry,” Daphne chirped as she shuffled ahead of the group in her furry slippers, “I didn’t get your name.”

“Um, it’s Micky,” he replied, slightly embarrassed, and paused in his step. Daphne tried to hold back a snicker. Micky cleared his throat as he glanced at the group, all fighting back laughter. “Shall we go in?”

He pushed open the double wooden doors to reveal an interior that’s much grander than the exterior. It was as if they had been magically transported into a Disney movie – a wide staircase lined with a regal scarlet rug dominating the center of the grand entrance while the colors gold and red dominates the rest of the room.

The Five gaze around the room, wide-eyed at all the golds and reds scattered about the room from the golden vases to the golden linings of the scarlet seat cushions. Even Charlie and Ethan, who have been passive so far – acting like they don’t care – were staring.

Micky cleared his throat, making the Five jump, “Please follow me to the east wing where your rooms are located.” They turned left and followed Micky down a corridor which one side was lined with windows while the other was lined with paintings.

The East wing is nothing like the entrance, much less grand with a feel of medieval castle as opposed to the corridor they just walked through – full of windows and light. “Your rooms are down that corridor,” Micky pointed to the hallway on the left, “your room number should correspond to the number on your keys. There should be a change of clothes in each room. I will go inform Mr. Hitchcock of your arrivals. Let’s meet back here in an hour. Don’t be late.” He spoke the last three words like the warning.

“Aye aye captain.” Abby mock saluted as the other headed for their rooms.

Theme: The Mystery of the Millionaire Mansion

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