Friday Fictioneers: Overworked

“Someday, we might probably die at our jobs.” My colleague’s words sent a chill and chuckle up my chest at the same time, causing me to choke on my food.

I shouldn’t think that but it’s true. My job is incredible demanding and draining. Here I am, in a 5-star hotel room, working double time at my work conference – working as a greeter by day and crunching numbers by night. At least the per-diem is good, good enough to cover room service.

I shut off my laptop. Time for bed but before I could reach the bed, everything blacked out.

(100 words)

For Friday Fictioneers

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9 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Overworked

  1. The friend was right. He may not have died at his job this time but that blackout was a definite warning sign. The pressure some feel from their work burdens is awful. Well told.

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