4000th Post! – Celebrating with Coffee

4000 posts, wow!

I noticed last night after writing and scheduling this morning’s post that that was the 3999th post I’ve published. Notice I didn’t say written because I’ve written more than that. So here’s to the 4000th post.

The last milestone I remember was my 1000th post, which was almost 7 years ago, on December 28, 2015. What happened to 2000 and 3000, I have no idea. To celebrate this milestone, I went out and got myself a iced latte, which I seem to be getting more and more these days whenever my mom isn’t watching.

She went to the office today, which means I get the house to myself, which equals peace and quiet for a few hours, at least.

What am I doing with these few precious hours?


What? I still need to get my 8 hours in and I must get ready for my upcoming trip in September. I will be doing some documentation videos and projects in the upcoming weeks because while I’m gone, someone will have to do my job. Since I’m the only one who knows how to do my job, I’ll have teach them.

I’ve done some process documentation in the last few weeks but those were for general documentation and has nothing to do with my tasks. I began working on it yesterday but found to be long and tedious, more than the other ones. So I think I’ll try to do a video tutorial today.

Wish me luck!

Anyway, I just want to pop in to say thanks to everyone who’s read my blog over the years. You are what kept me going, what kept me writing, what kept me coming back day after day and break after break.

Here’s to 1000 more posts.

My next milestone will be in February 2023 when I will have blogged for 10 years.

26 thoughts on “4000th Post! – Celebrating with Coffee

  1. Congratulations. Missed where you are off to. We used to write SOPs. They were almost in dot point form and so easy to read. the person could tick of each thing as they went. Good luck doing your handover procedures.

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    1. I’m heading to the east coast in September. I have been telling my boss for a while I want to document the processes but work has been so busy and now that I’ve started doing it, it’s been a pain doing the screenshots and the writing. Hopefully, the video format will be slightly easier.

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    1. Find motivation and inspiration in prompts. There are plenty of prompts around the blogging community, whether it be writing prompt or photo prompts. That’s what kept me going. Hope it helps.

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