Truthful Tuesday on a Wednesday 07-26-2022 – Bright Smile

Is there too much emphasis on having the ‘whitest brightest smile”? Is that a mainly American thing or has it caught on globally?

What do YOU honestly think about it?

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It’s funny that this question came up because I had to go in for my routine teeth cleaning yesterday.

Honestly, I think this concept has dulled in the recent few years, especially since the pandemic. Before then, I would see posters upon posters of people smiling with their perfectly white teeth whenever I visited the dentist office for a routine cleaning. I read this prompt before I went in for my routine teeth cleaning and examination yesterday and when I went into the office, it suddenly dawned on me that there wasn’t a poster anywhere.

I only started going to this dental clinic last year. Before then, I went to a dental clinic in my neighborhood, which I didn’t particular like because they weren’t being gentle with my gums.

Back to the question, I think this concept was emphasized more before 2020 and it wasn’t just an American thing but a global phenomenon. I think it’s always a global thing. When I was visiting China in 2017 and 2018, I would go into the store like Walmart and there would be posters pointing to the toothpaste aisle with suggestions to buy certain products to whiten teeth.

Though I have mostly given up on the idea because of my coffee-stained teeth as well as my tens of missing teeth, there is still a teeny tiny part of me that still holds onto this hope that one day perhaps, I will get my “whitest bright smile”.

3 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday on a Wednesday 07-26-2022 – Bright Smile

  1. I never see posters about white teeth in the dentist office or in stores but I do see commercials on TV about them. I like to get mine as clean as I can get them and occasionally I will use teeth whitening strips but not much else besides different toothpastes containing whiteners. They can do wonders with missing teeth these days but you will pay for it. However, you should ask if they have any types of discounts. You never know. 🙂

    I have to ask: You DON’T like the dentist being gentle with your gums?? Can we switch dentists because they sure aren’t at the dental office I go to. I feel as though a couple of them have been gold miners in a past life. It’s a wonder if any enamel is even left on my teeth when they finish.

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    1. Oops. I was typing too fast. It’s supposed to be “weren’t”. I didn’t like that dental clinic because they weren’t being gentle. I did switch to another dentist and I think I like the one I currently go to a lot better.


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