#SundayStills – No #Dessert but Plenty of #Desert

The theme for this week’s SundayStills is a bit quirky – Dessert or Desert.

Though I have seen plenty of desert, I have not yet had the opportunity to have dessert in the desert. Anyway, when I think of desert, I think of barren landscapes with cacti and possibly a tumbleweed or two. This picture comes to mind. I shot these photos when I hiked the Delicate Arch trail in Arches National Park late 2019. It was my second time hiking this trail, the first time was in 2011.

Though it was same trail, it felt very different, almost like someone went and modified the trail for easier access. Back in 2011, my mom and I hiked the trail following the piles of rocks but in 2019, those piles of rocks were gone. I was worried we’d get lost but luckily, there was always groups of people to follow.

Sunday Stills

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