Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #212: Motion

Patti is leading this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge with the fun theme of Motion.

I personally love how the camera can freeze motions. The way a motion is frozen – whether through long or short exposure – makes a photo that much more special.

I love to photograph water. I think they are the perfect subject for this theme. I shot these 2 photos about a week ago when I went on my scenic backway adventure to Cascade Springs. It’s a place I haven’t been since 2016. Though hardly anything had changed other than the overwhelming amount of algae in the water, the teeny waterfalls were still there.

Now, I usually shoot in Aperture-Priority mode and when I shot this photo, I kind of had an idea of how I wanted the shot to turn out. I also knew to achieve my vision, I needed a fast shutter speed. So I set my aperture to f/8 and with a 1/800 second shutter speed, I think I got what I was looking for.

This photo is definitely on the other end of the spectrum. This photo was shot with a 6-second shutter speed. I used a variable ND filter to achieve the result as it was around 1 PM when the photo was taken – the part of the day with the harshest light for photos.

I am a fan of long exposure photos, especially with water. I think the result is pretty cool as it’s something we cannot see with a pair of human eyes.

Last but not least, since we’re talking about motion, how can I forget this? I got this shot at the local airshow this June. I was glad I got a few sharp photos of the airplanes zooming over my head as my 70-300 mm had a hard time focusing and I didn’t want to fuss over the manual focusing. It’s a kit lens and the focus ring incredibly difficult to use.

Anyway, I didn’t know I got this picture until I got home. How cool was this? The airplane was taking a nosedive before looping back up into the sky.

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