CMMC: September Alphabet: Begins with the Letter P


I finally figured out the sunburst effect on this trip. It’s where I make the sun look like a star like in the above photo. I think it’s very cool looking and it’s not something one can see with their eyes. It’s sorta like a camera-eye thing.

Anyway, I visited Washington Crossing State Park and this path leads to the place where George Washington crossed the Delaware River from Pennsylvania to New Jersey on Christmas, 1776 to gain an upper hand in the Revolutionary War.

I was disappointed to see the pinecones still hung high at Washington Crossing because it meant no autumn colors. I learned that pinecones are the catalysts for autumn colors. Once a pinecone falls to the ground, all the trees will begin changing colors.

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge

11 thoughts on “CMMC: September Alphabet: Begins with the Letter P

  1. Photos are all fabulous. But the pine cone falling is new knowledge. Thank you. Such a delicate fact hides from me in Africa where we only have the Jakaranda trees which turn lilac blue purple all at once. I shall now need to know what quite piece of tree that starts that extravaganza.

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    1. This is quite new to me too as I only learned about this 2 weeks ago. There are plenty of pine cones where I live since it’s mostly evergreens in this parts. 😄


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