CMMC: October Autumn Colors

One of the many things I wanted to see on my recent trip was to see autumn colors but it turned out, autumn is somewhat delayed this year. I should know as I came home to a lush green garden, not even my 2 Japanese Maples nor my burning bush have turned red yet.

In a normal year, autumn colors typically peak around autumn equinox but this year, it was just starting. Then again, 2022 has not been a normal year from the beginning, has it?

Anyway, I saw a little bit of color as we were passing through New York into Pennsylvania on Interstate-81 South.

This was in Ottawa, Canada, the day before. We were walking by the Ottawa River and those colors popped out at me like a neon sign but it was too far away. So I quickly took out my camera and took a couple shots.

This photo was taken near the New Jersey State House. There was a highway separating me from these trees and I was glad I had my trusty long lens with me. Behind the trees is the Delaware River, which is filled with history.

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge

11 thoughts on “CMMC: October Autumn Colors

  1. Sheesh. Do I have to teach you everything. 🙂 The Autumn Equinox has less to do with changing color than location and weather. In Louisiana, where we used to live, fall colors are a few weeks away. In Virginia, my wife is walking the dogs and running around taking pictures of red, orange and yellow. Weather matters because the biggest reason for bright color is having a freeze about a month before fall arrives. The sugar in the trees sets and color comes.

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      1. Oh no I won’t. You have enough family issues to deal with. The reason I know about fall colors is because I used to chase fall colors for years. The real question is why my wife — a musician — is taking pictures with my gear.

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      2. Maybe she’s taking an interest in what you do and maybe she wants you to do the same. Or maybe fall colors is just that irresistible that even a musician can’t help to admire and document its beauty in photographs.

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      3. Oh, I don’t mind. We know each other pretty well. If she keeps doing it, I know what her Christmas or birthday or Valentine’s Day present will be. What’s funny to me is that we have a “play” car. I bought it with insurance money after Katrina. She like s it because it’s pretty fast And handles sso well that it can save me. One day she asked if I needed anything because she was going to run a few errands. A few minutes later I heard the unmistakable sound of its motor being started. I just smiled.

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      4. A “play” car, that sounds like a fun car.
        Maybe you should get her a point and shoot and she might pick up photography as a hobby. Who knows, maybe she’ll get as good as you. 😄


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