Sunday Poser #103 – Home Enjoyment

What are things that you enjoy the most when at home? What thing that you do at home which gives you pleasure and satisfaction?

It’s hard to say what I can enjoy at home these days. I used to really enjoy making bread at home. When the loaf would come out of the oven steamy and smelling good, it gave me lots of satisfaction. I probably haven’t made bread in over a year. It’s just listening to mom’s complaints about me making a mess in my own kitchen and not making the bread to her liking really took that satisfaction away.

These days, I rarely touch the stove, except to scramble some eggs for breakfast or make some noodles for lunch. In fact, I rarely touch anything in the house these days. I’m afraid to touch them as mom will say I make them dirty and cause her to be sick. When I brought my pepper plants into the house a few days ago, she once again accused me of causing her to get shingles as the result of having plants in the house. Last time I checked, shingles are still caused by a virus and plants don’t spread viruses.

These days, I usually spend the weekends binging shows on my phone until my phone runs out of battery. That’s just about the only thing that brings me any enjoyment these days – plugging my ears to avoid any conversation with my mom as the words that comes out of her mouth will either be a complaint or something negative.

Beside binging on TV shows, I also like to crochet. I recently saw a crochet wrist warmer on YouTube, which I quite want to make for myself. I should probably do that instead of sitting around and be a couch potato. 😄


5 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #103 – Home Enjoyment

  1. One day you should sit down with your mom and explain certain things to her, like you have equal if not more right to do stuff in your own home!
    I do hope she cuts you some slack. Making bread is so satisfying. I hope you’ll be able to do it again. I like watching a show that takes my fancy, though finding one is always hard unless someone recommends it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Yinglan

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    1. Trust me on that I’ve been trying to tell her that for years. Each time we have a conversation, it either ends in argument or she will take over the conversation and tell me what I should and shouldn’t do.
      I agree. making bread is very satisfying and it’s the same reason why I garden, the end product is incomparable to the stuff found at the grocery store.

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