Share Your World – Week of October 31, 2022

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If you were a ghost, who would you haunt, and why?

If I’m a ghost, I would assume I’m dead? Since this is Share Your World, let’s assume so. I would haunt my mother, her sister, and brother-in-law. I would make my aunt and uncle relive all the things they did to me when I was a child – lock me in a dark space, blame me for things I didn’t say and do, make me go to a barbershop to get a boy’s haircut, etc.

Before you say anything about how I should forgive and forget, may I remind you that’s exactly what they did while I’m left to relive the trauma and scars? Yeah, they are being nice to me now when they are shoving a pile at me each time I visit their home and forward all the voicemail (spam or not) to my phone. People are only nice when they want something. I may have forgiven them for the stuff in the past but I cannot forget, not even when I try my hardest. That’s how deep the scars run.

As for my mother, I might go easy on her and just let her know my deepest thoughts and desires. I think that’s only fair.

If broomsticks were legitimate modes of transport, would you like one?

Unless I get over my fears of falling and heights when I’m in open spaces, then sure.

Because of these fears, I won’t ride in an open-top Ferris wheel and I won’t be like one of those people who stands at the edge of a cliff just to get a photo. Open spaces, heights, and wind – my worst nightmare.

Would you cook in a cauldron?

Only when I’m either cook for 100 people or I’m cooking something big.

Have you ever had your fortune told?

Other than what I read from fortune cookies, no, I have never had my fortune told by a fortune teller. I’d love to though, after all, I am curious about this stuff and I feel it’s important to know.

Share Your World

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