Truthful Tuesday 12-06-2022 on a Wednesday – Winter Hibernation?

If you could, would you like to hibernate during the winter months?

I was born in the south and have lived in southern climates until I moved to Utah. Now, I live in a place that can snow from October all the way to June. The family often asks, “You’ve been here for so many years, you’re still that afraid of the cold?” Believe me when I say that’s one of their nicer questions. Their not-so-nice question would be, “Even with so much fat, you’re still cold?”

Yes, I’m still cold even though I’ve lived in such cold climate for so many years. Just like the daily airplane noise, I don’t think I would ever get used to the cold.

Would I like to go into hibernation during the winter months?

As much as I love to sleep through during the winter months, I can’t see myself doing such thing. I’m the type of person that has a fear of missing too much. Like last winter, there was so much going on. I think I would’ve woken up in 2022 incredibly confused. I would’ve been asking around, “What’s going on? There’s a war? Is the pandemic back again?”

Besides, with the length of day at around 9.5 hours and I’m snuggling beneath my comforter at 8 PM, I am half-way to hibernation and I guess that’s close enough.

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