Share Your World – Week of January 2, 2023

Did you stay up to see the New Year in?

I did stay up past midnight on New Year’s Eve but not because I wanted to see the New Year in but because I spent the evening writing posts in advanced and scheduling posts on my archival blog – This is Another Archive – which, so far, I’ve managed to scheduled one post per day for the next three months. According to my calculation, it will take me approximately 3 years to post all my flash fiction stories onto that blog. That’s how much flash fiction I’ve written in the last decade.

 Are there any special occasions or events coming up in 2023 for you or your family?

Lunar New Year is coming up on January 22 but I don’t know how special it is anymore. I, personally, don’t celebrate the holiday. The most I do is give it a nod of recognition.

The Decade Anniversary for this blog is also coming up in February. That’s got to be worth celebrating, right? I’ll have to think of something to commemorate my decade-long commitment because it was certainly not easy.

 Do you keep a diary?

This blog is my diary. I try to write one or two entries per week documenting the week and recent events. Even though diaries are supposed to be private, I do appreciate the conversations and sympathies I receive when I post them to my blog.

 How did yesterday differ from January 1st 2022 or was there no difference?

There wasn’t any difference to me. It was just another day wishing the day was a little warmer and a little brighter.

Share Your World

9 thoughts on “Share Your World – Week of January 2, 2023

    1. Thank you. I’ve been having fun re-reading the stories as well. Sometimes, the stories makes me wonder what was going on in my head when I wrote it. 😀 It’s an interesting phenomenon.

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  1. We worked at a place called The Berchmere in Alexandria. It gave birth to musicians like Mary Chapin Carpenter. Old school but still making plenty of music. We closed after midnight. This year… almost 150 days on the road. I keep notes, not a real diary,

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