Truthful Tuesday 02-21-2023 on a Wednesday – Favor for Money

Photo by 金 运 on Unsplash

If someone offered you a considerable amount of money for doing them a favor, would you take it?

Oh no!

I’ve seen this situation played out in too many movies and series. That favor can be anywhere from smuggling something illegal to delivering someone’s head on a platter. Last time I checked, I’m neither a good liar nor a killer (thank god). I still have a fear for knives after my cousin nearly chopped off the ring finger on my left hand when I was 7 and from my time at the shooting range, my aim with a gun is only 10-20% at best, that is if I manage to hit something. Though at times, I do have a fiery temper, I don’t think it’s enough for me to take on anything or anyone dangerous.

So you can go find yourself another patsy or sucker or whatever to do your deeds – whether it be clean or dirty. I may be hurting for money given the current state of things (sky-high energy bills), I cannot be bought with any sum of money.

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