Truthful Tuesday 03-14-2023 on a Wednesday

By some weird twist of fate, you are given 2 wishes. What would you wish for?

Oh gee, I don’t know. Not to sound greedy or selfish or anything but there are many things I would love to wish for and to whittle all those down to 2 – boy oh boy – but I’ll try my best.

Wish #1 – I wish to be normal.

I know what you’re going to say, “Didn’t you often write ‘normal is relative’?” Before I’m granted the wish, I should preface by explaining what I mean by “normal”.

I have a genetic disorder, which caused a whole sleuth of problems growing up. For one thing, my bones were never fully formed. I have a child-size hand with short fingers. A lot of my teeth never erupted. It’s why I had to have the big surgery in 2021 to remove them so they’d stop causing my gums problems. I currently have only around 16 teeth in my mouth, which it’s way less than the average adult.

Aside from all the other health problems I have been having to deal with, I’m only 4-foot-8-inches (about 142 cm) tall and that’s the biggest development problem.

So what do I mean by normal? I wish I never had this glitch in my DNA. I wish I am of average height, have the number of teeth an average human is supposed to have, and have the hand size of an average person.

Wish #2 – I wish all my debts are wiped clean.

I’m not talking about my credit card debts nor any kind of debts to the bank. I’m talking about the debts to my mom and her family. My mom is always telling me how much I owe her for my student loans, the down-payment to the house, my car, and who knows what else. It’s an amount I know (unless I’ve suddenly struck rich) I will never be able to repay her.

I don’t even think she wants cash but who am I kidding? She loves cash. It’s like the only thing she’d talk about whenever she actually talks to me. Money this, money that. I happen to like numbers, not really into money though. I often just look at money as a form of numbers.

So if all that silly debts has been wiped clean, I might finally feel free.

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