Truthful Tuesday 03-21-2023 on a Wednesday

If you could have the holiday of a lifetime, where would you go?

By “holiday of a lifetime”, I’m assuming all the expenses are paid for include airfare and hotel?

I know, I know, in a past post, I’ve mentioned how much I dislike air travel but if I’m going on a trip of a lifetime, I might as well splurge and that includes upgrading to first class with all the luggage I can carry.

Where would I go???

That is a good question.

I would love to see as many parts of the world as I can especially the places that’s on my mom’s “Do not visit” list and believe me, that list is quite long. I remember a few weeks ago, her sister in China told her she was planning a trip to Antarctica, mom scolded her for it. “Why do you need to Antarctica to see ice when you can see all the ice you want to see in Utah?” I rolled my eyes. How can she compare the beautiful natural glaciers of the south pole to that of Utah?

I would love to go to Antarctica given the chance. I would also love to travel to exotic places (in my opinion) like Thailand, the islands of Indonesia, the bustling metropolis of Singapore, or perhaps visit the beautiful places along the Mediterranean Sea. Like I said, places on mom’s list.

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