#AtoZChallenge 2023 – Eagar

Warning: Adult Language!

Please note this is fiction!

When I was born, my parents changed my life forever.

No, not changed, they sent me down the path of no return.

You see, my dad’s vision was never great. I can’t tell whether he’s dyslexic or just can’t see shit. He often mistakes the number 9 for an 8 and 7 for a 5, an a for a d, so forth. While mom was out like a light after spending some 20-plus hours in labor, his right hand still hurting from being crushed during mom’s labor, dad went and signed my birth certificate. Instead of naming me Edgar like they’ve agreed, my dad wrote “Eagar.”

Eagar! E-A-G-A-R!

What the hell is Eagar? A cruel joke? The laugh of the century, I’d call it.

Every teacher at school butchers my name with all sorts of ridiculous variations – Eager, Egor, Egar. I hate it when the teachers call attendance. I hate it when those football jocks walk down the hallway like they own the school. They would push my hood over my head and laugh, “Who are you supposed to be? Frankenstein’s assistant?” One of them would hunch his back and start walking like Igor while the others would laugh.

One of these days, I would think as I ball my fists and grind my teeth, I’ll be better than these sons of bitches.

What a life to have. I sometimes wonder when I’m eating lunch outside on the bleachers on a sunny day. What a cruel path to send a child.

Theme: A Day in School

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