#AtoZChallenge 2023 – Marnie

Photo by Igor Korzh on Pexels.com

Please note this is fiction!

Quickly, her tumble became a slide. A scream lodged in her throat; her eyes widened at what was up ahead. No no no!

She dug her uninjured hand into the ground, hoping it would slow her down but it didn’t work. Before she had any idea of what had happened, she found herself dangling from the edge of the cliff, her right hand barely holding on.

With her heart in her throat, she gazed up at her kidnapper, who was standing over her, “Help me, please!” She begged. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

He grabs her hand and injured wrist and smiles. “Have fun in hell.”

“Earth to Marnie.” With a violent jerk of my pen, creating a long jagged blue line across the page, I lost the scene that was playing in my head as I reluctantly forced myself back to reality. “Oops, was I interrupting one of your fantasy trips?” My best friend in the whole wide world, Sierra, asks.

Letting out a sigh, I say, “It’s fine. You’ve only interrupted the climax of the greatest story I’ll ever write.”


Another sigh as I slam shut my notebook and hoist myself up from the cold linoleum. I’m so glad I have a free period this year. It’s the thing I’ve been waiting for since the start of Freshman year. Now 4 years later, I can at last dedicate an entire period to record my imagination in a story format.

“Can I read it?”

“Not a chance, not until I read, edit, re-read, at least 3 times.” I happen to be very self-conscious about my work. Before Sierra can further object, the bell rings. Thank god for bells.

Theme: A Day in School

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