#AtoZChallenge 2023 – Quinten

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Warning: Adult language

Please note this is fiction!

There is nothing more embarrassing than having to kowtow to a bunch of nerds to help you with math. I don’t get math. Why do we even need to learn all these complicated equations? There’s no solving for x in real life nor are there these word problems full of numbers.

So why the emphasis on math? I don’t need to know math to play football even though the nerds will say otherwise. “Oh, you can calculate the trajectory of the ball and then you will be able to find the distance and power you must exert to make the successful pass.” Oh, fuck that, I play football by instinct. I don’t need no math formula telling me how hard to throw the ball.

I wouldn’t even resort to nerds if I’m not in desperate need to pass Algebra 2. My football scholarship is dependent on it. Coach spent the summer trying to get me a second chance because otherwise, my chance to star this year as the quarterback is over. Now, having been granted a second chance at taking the class over, I’m going all out to pass this damn class even if I have to work a few more hours at the Pizza Shack over the weekend to make a few more bucks to pay these nerds to do my homework.  

“You’re late.” The Chinese girl snaps when I arrive at the table in the library. She’s sitting there with her arms folded across her chest while the large square glasses that take up half of her face seem to be sliding downward each second we’re standing here, staring each other down.

Finally, I sigh, “Sorry.” Feeling defeated, I plop my backpack on the chair next to me and sit down.

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