Hello May 2023!

I cannot believe May is finally here!

I know I say this for every month but I’m particularly excited for May this year. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the time of year when everything is finally growing and hopefully thriving.

I went out this morning and found new leaves on my blueberry bushes when they were still teeny tiny buds yesterday. I also transplanted my tomatoes again into larger cell trays yesterday so they can get taller with stronger stems. This morning I went out to check on them and they all seemed happy, basking in the sunshine.

Ah, sunshine at last.

I don’t mind a few rainy days but at least give me some sunshiny days afterwards. I can be content on a rainy day but that contentment can’t last forever.

I also sowed some melon seeds in another container, hoping they will be big enough for transplanting by the end of the month. The end of this month will also be the time when I can transplant my tomatoes, before then and I can run the risk of a late frost.

My potatoes have also come out to play. I went out to check on my grow bags and found strange leaves poking out of the soil among the lettuce and pansies. Now I can start the timer to when I’ll have potato harvest.

April overall…

I would say April was a good month, despite it was still cold and damp. Spring didn’t make its official appearance until the end of month but I guess, as long as it’s finally here, I’m fine with it. Better late than never, right?

April was a frustrating month at work. The work conference was at the end of April and with the disconnect between my records and the actual record from the website where people registered for the conference, I had to deal with a lot of angry email from customers which made me sad and angry. Adding on that, the payment collection emails began going out automatically, which meant more angry emails. No one likes their invoices be sent to collections.

If anything good happened in April, it would be the team activity. I had lots of fun despite the gloomy day.

I also got to see some wonderful cherry blossoms at the state Capitol. That’s always a welcoming sight.

Favorite April Photos…

Looking forward to May…

This weekend and the last weekend of May will my only full weekends spent at home. I’ll be hopping on a plane bound for London Heathrow on the 13th.

If you ask if I’m ready and/or excited for the trip, I would tell you, “meh”.

A few years ago, I would had been head over foot about the trip because then, I was eager to travel. The last few years with the pandemic, gardening, mom restricting my outdoor activities, and my 2022 accident has changed me into a homebody.

Besides, it’s gardening season, traveling and leaving my plants in the hands of my aunt (who’s a big proponent on overhead watering) is seriously scary. It’s like leaving your child with a stranger.

I guess I’ll be looking forward to how my plants grew up during my absence.

Then, there’s also work and I am not being self-aggrandizing, it’s just the sad truth that no one else knows how to do my tasks but me.

Finally, as much as I am not looking forward to leaving home and garden for 2 weeks, I’m looking forward to all the pictures I will take and collect as well as all the things I will be able to plant when I come home because then, it’ll be warm enough.

7 thoughts on “Hello May 2023!

  1. Sorry to hear April was a challenging work month – am glad you got to enjoy sakura and didn’t even have to travel to Japan!

    I noticed that you reflected on your April – a group of us have a monthly recap and catch up with each other; leaving the link here in case you might care to join in:

    The Changing Seasons, April 2023

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