Sunday Poser #130 – Dreams and Desires

Do you still have a desire/ dream that you want to attain?

Of course!

…and I will always have desires and dreams I want to try and attain. That’s just human condition, isn’t it? We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and our lives. There will always be goals, dreams, and desires.

Ever since I started blogging ten years ago, I have dreamed of becoming a professional writer – someone who lives in a off-the grid glass house in the middle of a enchanted environment and writes novels for a living. If you have been reading my flash fictions, you’d know I like to keep a lot of the stories action-packed, quick, and suspenseful. It’s the kind of books I like to read, therefore it’s the kind of stories I like to write.

I was over the moon when one of my stories got published in an anthology in 2018 because it meant I was on my way.

One of my biggest dream now is to one day publish my own book. Maybe it might be my memoir or maybe it’s just a collection of a few of the long-form short stories I’ve written. I have been trying to write long-form stories but all the years of writing flash fiction has made this difficult but I think it’s just a matter of practice.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #130 – Dreams and Desires

  1. What a lovely ambition. I hope you one day soon can realize this dream of yours Yinglan. And from what I’ve read of your work of fiction, I’m sure you’ll be a best seller. Thanks for sharing

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