Friday Fictioneers: Christmas Bedtime Story

“They call this the “Scrooge Farm”. Instead of Christmas decoration each year, around Christmas, there would be scarecrows dressed in rags and sandbags for heads popping up in random places ’round the farm. Now, no one has ever seen the owner as there’s no house on the hundred-acre property. “

Friday Fictioneers: Crapulously Fabulous

Great, fantastique, awesome, super. Just how many more different ways can I exaggerate this situation? I don’t know what gave anyone the idea or the impression I can single-handedly put together a Thanksgiving dinner in 4 hours. 4 HOURS!!! There I was, slaving away in the kitchen – turkey, vegetables, and stuffing in the oven,…

Friday Fictioneers: Doomed World

I live in a doomed world, I think grimly as I huddle in the dark corner of the Red Mountain Market and Deli, my go-to grocery store some 20 years ago. Teeth clattering, hands shaking, I reach into my jacket pocket for my trusty bottle of Ibuprofen. Great, final two.

Friday Fictioneers: The Car in the Woods

Chuy barked, tilted his head and sniffed the air. “What is it, boy?” I bent down and patted his head. Chuy barked again but before I could get a hold on his leash, Chuy shot into the woods. “Chuy, wait!” I yelled and ran after him. Running after him was like running after a car.…

Friday Fictioneers: Tiny Tim

Nobody wanted the role. In fact, nobody in their right mind would had wanted the role. To squeeze your feet into those tiny-size-2-boots everyday for six weeks? No, thanks. Why couldn’t they cast a child for this role? The character is a child anyway. Is casting a child really this difficult? I thought angrily as…