A Quick Interview

Amanda of Mandibelle16 invited me for a short interview recently and that interview came out today. Check it out!

Welcome to my regularly scheduled bi-weekly interview series. I am pleased to share with you the blog of a talented writer, photographer, and world traveler. I have blogged with Yinglan for a while and am pleased to call her a good friend in the blogging world. Please visit her blog here: This is Another Story – […]

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What is the difference between an astringent and a toner?

I know many people out there’s probably read an article or two about the differences between an astringent and a corrective toner. In fact I think I am probably one of those people who’s been unknowingly using the wrong product for the past 10 years. So maybe this post can help you or maybe you’ll learn nothing out of this other than some laughs because you don’t use either of the products.

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Tips when choosing your college major

Having just finish my first degree, I think I can say I know a few things about choosing a college major. Continue reading “Tips when choosing your college major”