Three Lines Tale: The Shooting Game


Standing still, his knuckles are white and pale as her giggle echoes through the labyrinth.  Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: The Shooting Game”

Friday Fictioneers: Hiding Spot

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

“What is this place?” She asked, swinging her legs over.  Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers: Hiding Spot”

Three Lines Tale: The Chasing Game


He has been chasing her all over town, from door to door and window to window. Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: The Chasing Game”

Friday Fictioneers: The Message

PHOTO PROMPT © Peter Abbey

He walks along the path next to the monastery. Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers: The Message”

Friday Fictioneers: Shelf of Memories

PHOTO PROMPT © Claire Fuller

Single-handed, Josh grabbed the lever and pulled up the garage door and immediately, thick clouds of dirt and dust attacked us. Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers: Shelf of Memories”

Friday Fictioneers: Chosen

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Is this really happening? She wondered as she noticed him at the bottom of the staircase, in a sleek suit and a smile painted across his face. Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers: Chosen”

Three Lines Tale: Her Type…


Battered tattooed hands with an ingenuous attitude,

He’s someone who can stand the pain

And that’s exactly her type of man. Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: Her Type…”

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Ride


“Where are you taking her?” Shelby shouted as she ran after the two EMT carrying her mother to the helicopter at the end of the road.  Continue reading “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Ride”

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Farmer


It’s been a rough year for him. First his wife got sick, then his chickens, and now it’s summer and nothing is growing on his small plot of land. Continue reading “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Farmer”

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Safe and Sound


Lips cracked, arms and legs weak with starvation and exhaustion, Jenna shifted her SUV to park in front of a restaurant. Continue reading “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Safe and Sound”

Three Lines Tale: Done


There she is, he thinks, Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: Done”

Writing Prompt #165: Free


They sit down across from one another, Continue reading “Writing Prompt #165: Free”

Friday Fictioneers: One Last Glance

copyright-Rich Voza
copyright-Rich Voza

Standing by the window, she looked out at the setting sun. Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers: One Last Glance”

Three Lines Tale: Egg Allergy


He stared at the cupcakes, mouth watering and then at the people around the room, biting into the succulent little things. Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: Egg Allergy”

Three Lines Tale: Soul Mates


“Do you believe in soul mates?” He gazes up at the night sky Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: Soul Mates”

Three Lines Tale: Don’t Let Go


She pants, she gasps, don’t look down, she tells herself.

Above her, he grunts and pulls so hard that his palms begin to bleed, “I’m sorry,” he says..

“Don’t let go,” she cries as the rope snaps broken in half.

This is a response for Sonya’s challenge, 3 Lines Tale, where we write 3 lines about the picture above.

Three Lines Tale: True Love

tlt14“I’ll come for you, my love!” Continue reading “Three Lines Tale: True Love”

Photo Challenge #111: 30 Minutes Before…


Thirty minutes before her wedding, Dahlia found her ear pressed against the back-wall of the closet in her room as she intensely listened to the conversation between her future-husband, Scott, and maid-of-honor, Nikki, that was happening in the next door. Continue reading “Photo Challenge #111: 30 Minutes Before…”

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: That Day


It was 1975. Thomas and I have been on the run for the last 20 years and at last, our enemies were destroyed, leaving us with all the freedom we craved. Continue reading “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: That Day”

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Date Night


“Isn’t this nice?” John said sipping his wine, “I can’t believe your sister managed to empty the entire restaurant for us. It must had cost her a lot of business.” Continue reading “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Date Night”

Friday Fictioneers: Lost

PHOTO PROMPT © Marie Gail Stratford

Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers: Lost”

Writing Prompt #144: Why?


Why do all good things end in tragedies? Continue reading “Writing Prompt #144: Why?”

Short Story: The Circle

What is love? I never knew it. Standing on the rooftop terrace of my apartment building as I had every morning, Continue reading “Short Story: The Circle”