2014, What am I going to do with you?

2014 is upon us, well, 13.5 hour-ish.  So let’s give 2013 a look-back to see what I’ve accomplished.

Let’s see…


This blog was started.  I had an idea that I just couldn’t resist writing it down and that’s when I decided to start a blog about random things.  But then something happened and made me quit.  I’ve got some interesting entries on it before I quit though.

The Influence of Culture on Food – Learn about what I’ve found out about bagels and other interesting foods

A Wild Wild January – It has been a wild January, freezing rain and the ridiculous number of snow depths, my neighbor even managed to make a car size dog!

…a gigantic snow dog

The Difference between Stubborn and Polite – Some people tend to confuse between two.

Traditional Chinese New Year Delicacy – The most “Liked” blog post to date.


I completed my summer semester with two “A-” and I even got on TV.


I started this blog again because I was bored at work and I happened to have some stuff I wanted to get off my chest.  Since then I’ve managed to keep going which I would consider to be a miracle because I don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to writing and work.  Here are some of my memorable blog posts from September:

The Incidence with Public Manner – My boss did gross things everyday at work and I just want to get it off my chest before I threw up on anyone.

What is the Difference between 21 and 22 – A post where I dissect the different privileges that a 21-year-0ld has that an 18-year-old don’t have.  Also should I feel any different now that I’m 22 maybe older and wiser?

Fiction Time: Gretchen’s Run – This post helped me gain quite a bit of followers since it’s a serial fiction and all.  So far, #6 is in the works and it should be posted at the end of this week or next week. Be patient.


Government shutdown.  My mom got furloughed and she spent the time in the backyard putting up patio bricks while I chauffeured my boss’s wife everywhere. Also it was the month that I had to take my engineering licensing exam again for the third time which by the way, I failed again.  Anyway, here are some of that month’s posts:

Day #3: No work Govt shutdown stinks – How did my mom take the news that she didn’t have work the day.

Do these people ever care about price tag? – I took my boss’s wife shopping and she just grab grab grab without ever looking at the price tags.

Am I Anti-social or Do I just like to be Alone? – A lot of people call me anti-social, well this post will show them why I’m not.


I remembered all my students were already thinking about the holidays.  I don’t blame them, I was losing it as it is with tutoring, school, and work.  That was when all began, Thanksgiving week.  Bad luck just came out of nowhere.  Fortunately, it seem to be gone now, I haven’t tripped or fall for no reason and I haven’t misplace any of the important things.  That month’s memorable posts includes:

Sunshine Award – Thank you again Jennifer Windram for nominating me.

Fiction Time #4: Tatianna’s story – Well that post got a lot of “Likes,” I guess people wanted to know what it’s like to be stuck in a house for 50+ years.


Well I completed a four-part arc and posted on different places.  That got mixed reactions but most of them were positive.  Also, my mom’s high school friend came to town and we went skiing with my boss’s family except only my mom’s friend’s son skied.  My boss’s family prep for everything and even before we helped them sign up for classes, they got chickened and so we traveled back down as soon as the next bus got here.  How shame and all because of a comment made by my student’s sister about someone fall and broke their leg during a beginner’s lesson.  I guess my most memorable post for the month is the “Last Memories”.

Goals and Resolutions

I know I made some goals at the beginning of 2013 that I can hardly recall.  Sad news is those goals never got accomplished.

Now what are those goals again? Oh yeah, to get back to 110 lb, not to fail any classes, and to complete the two beautiful Chinese painting jigsaw puzzles downstairs.  Well, I never got to that and as for the pounds, my body seemed to have stopped at 113.5.  So I’m stuck at that no matter how hard I exercise and how less I eat.  As for the third goal, I did fail one class during the spring semester of 2013 but that’s because the instructor was cruel.  40 people took that class and he failed half of them.  Good thing he’s not teach the class this semester.

For 2014, my goals remains the same except instead of setting a weight limit, I will try to exercise more consistently.  As for my goals for this blog, I will try to write at least entry on this blog each month.  No matter how many words, just a minimum of one post each month.  Also right now I have 65 followers.  For 2014, I want my followers to reach 100 and I will try to get more likes, I guess because right now, I keep on getting only a maximum of 7 likes.  Odd!

Anything you want to ask? Want to know?

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