Club Goals for 2014: Start Building

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Toastmasters Energizer Club #2439

Since 2014 has arrived, I believe it is time to make some new goals myself and even for our beloved homeless Toastmasters club.  At the end of 2013, we have gained a club coach but lost three members in the process.  As the VP Membership, I can’t say that I’m pleased at the result of a club coach.  After all, a club coach is supposed to help the club gain members, not lose members.  However, the lost of our club members is not the club coach’s fault.  Our beloved members left for a reason, they left because of jobs, school, and family matters.  Due to the lost of those three members, our club is now down to five members and a coach and our goal for distinguish club is now nowhere in sight.  That is why we need to set some goals for the new year.


#1 Reach Distinguish…

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