Grandpa Always Wins

Arguing and picking a fight with old people can never end well.  They will always say they’re right and you’ll most likely be forced to admit it in the end.  Most of the time, those arguments and fights will most likely lead you nowhere.  Last night, I learned that the hard way.  I don’t remember if I’ve argued with my grandparents before when I was young.  Of course, my temper then was so much more tolerant than my temper now.  I remembered getting frustrated at them but I don’t remember striking an argument with them.

Well, there’s always the first time for everything even though it costed me half-hour of my time and gave me a huge pain in my stomach.  In the end, my argument was a bust and it led nowhere. They hung up on me and I called it a night.

My grandfather’s decision stands and no matter the situation I’m in, he will not make the slightest alteration.  It’s like when a judge strikes the gavel that signifies the verdict handed in by the jury is unchangeable.  On the other hand, now I’ve thought it over, I’m beginning to regret starting that argument because this argument has probably costed me my share of the inheritance.

I still don’t know why I listened to my mom’s dumb suggestion to call my grandparents in China.  Yeah, it’s Chinese New Year but had they done me or my mom any good through the years? Hmm, I can’t think of a thing.  They took and kept just about every penny to my name and they won’t even give me back the thing that is mine and let me decide what I do with it.

The reason I even called them last night was (1) to wish them a Happy Chinese New Year and wish them both well and (2) persuade my grandfather to give up the ownership of a property that my mom bought after my dad died but the deed was accidentally written in my dad’s name.  So basically, the property belongs to a dead person.

Now that I’m knee-high in debt from my student loan and maybe higher, I want my grandparents to renounce the ownership of the property so I can own it completely and liquidate it.

But my greedy grandpa refused.  He claims that since it belonged to my dad, my dad would not wish to sell his own house.  I think that is just ridiculous.  Hello, the guy’s dead for like 20 years, not to be disrespectful to those out there who still honors the dead, he won’t know if I sell nor would he even care.  Besides even if I don’t sell the house, can’t they at least offer me some kind of sympathy and maybe help their only granddaughter out by lending her some of their fortune?

But no, nothing whatever and when I mentioned I want to sell the house, they acted all defensive like I was trying to burn down the house.  Like it’s a shame that I even brought it up.  It’s so like them and that’s probably why their marriage lasted so long.

Anyway, I argued with him and grandma by sticking to my reasons for why I wanted to sell.  Of course I didn’t tell them the property is worth 300,000 Chinese Yuan which is an equivalent of about $60,000 because that would not be the appropriate thing to say.  That amount can help me so much like pay off all my loans and get me a new car since my own car is about to fail.  Now after that argument, I am now afraid that I have not only lost the

chance to ever claim back that property as my own but I’ve lost my share of the inheritance.  That inheritance, my mom told me, it includes 25% of the deed to the two pieces of land my dad and his family purchased more than 20 years ago for 80,000 Chinese Yuan and it’s now worth over 4,000,000 Chinese Yuan.  25% of that could be mine and I’ve lost it.

Maybe they’ll change their mind but on the other hand, waiting for their inheritance money will literally take forever, maybe another generation since my grandparents already outlived two of their children. Through this though, I learned that arguing with old people get you nowhere. Meanwhile, I will continue to try to get back the things that are truly mine because no one gets away with taking what isn’t theirs.

11 thoughts on “Grandpa Always Wins

  1. Reblogged this on Diary of an Optimist and commented:

    This was my least viewed post so far mostly because of the wrongly usage of tags. However, I revised the whole thing and thought to post it again. Hey, it even goes with today’s throwback story!


  2. Good choice to repost. I would have missed this and now I am glad that I didn’t. I enjoy reading about the different experiences people have with their families.


    • Thank you, I thought since it’s 4th of July, might as well reminisce about a holiday. It also give me a chance to share my experience again. 🙂


      • I am glad you did. I enjoy reading especially about the culture you have experienced. You have the unique perspective of learning from where you live now and where your family is from. That is a precious opportunity.

        I like to tease my wife about you because she graduated from Weber State some time ago. She always asks if you have posted anything recently. Keep up the great writing!


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