My Journey to Blogging


This picture is so right, blogging is a journey.  After more than a year and 50 posts later, I think I should dedicate this single post to tell about my journey to blogging.

It all started with an idea…

One day, I was in the university’s coffee shop having lunch.  I noticed the guy sitting next to me was eating a bagel.  Of course, at the time, I thought about food and eating more frequently than usual.  Then a completely unrelated thought hit me.  My mom always said that bagels are the most traditional American food she’d known.

At once, I opened my laptop and googled “bagels” and clicked on the wikipedia link.  As I read the article, I was surprised that bagels came from Poland and not what my mom said at all.  I immediately opened Microsoft Word and began typing.  I didn’t know what I wrote at first but after a short while, it was starting to come together like a jigsaw puzzle.

After researching two more different foods (Fish and Chips and Pizza), I became convinced that this was my 7th speech for my Toastmasters Competent Communicator.  The different varieties of foods influenced by different cultures. (Need reference? Look back at my very first article from last February!)

I was beyond excited and believe me, in those days, I don’t get excited about writing.  So I finished my speech about two weeks ahead and all of the sudden, I wanted to write MORE!!! But what should I write about? Also, I wanted to not only write everyday to improve my writing and communication but I also need some feedback from someone other than myself, from total strangers perhaps? 😀

A few days later, while I was doing my homework, my mom came in and asked me about microblogging, you know, what it is, how to set it up, and whatnot. The term blogging collided into my brain like a meteor.  This was it! This was how I was going to get my feedback.  I’m going to share my writing with the world!

As I waved my mom away, promising her I would research it later, I quickly googled “blogging websites.” A bunch of links came up but the one that caught my attention was wordpress.  It sounded familiar like I used it before and I was right.  I had to turn in a blogging assignment more than two years ago for my American Economic History course.

I signed a blog and posted the essay I wrote about food.  Within a couple days, I noticed people were liking it and some even became my followers.  Not a lot, I might add but it was progress because I never had anyone like anything I did before.  I’ve been told I’m flawed at many things but maybe I’ve finally managed to find something I’m good at.

The bumps along the road…

However, with my busy full-time schoolwork and two-hour exhausting commute trips between home, school, and work, I didn’t have the time to keep writing.  So I went into a long blogging hiatus until last September when I suddenly thought of blogging again while sitting in my empty classroom.  I began writing again.

Since then, although I’ve been spotty with posts, I managed to keep up, writing about my observations, my daily life, and most importantly, about what I know.  As I posted my own articles, I was reading other people’s posts to get a sense of how can I improve in my blogging and writing.

It was a good journey for me to be able to reach 50 posts and more than 100 followers in a little more than a year.  For the past three weeks, I have been persistent with my blogs and writing almost daily even though I’ve hit many bumps along the way.  Like work and slight writer’s block now and then but I have fun though and I’m looking forward to reaching my next goal.

Next goal: 100 posts and 500 followers!

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