Fear of snakes or just don’t like the view

For about three weeks now, I’ve been looking at this piece of land with my mom.  For some reason, she can’t make up her mind about purchasing the land. For me, it doesn’t really matter since I may or may not live there.

In these three weeks, she’s been coming up with excuses after another.

  1. Don’t like the floorplan. My solution for her: Choose another one, after all, it’s a house that’s about to be built, not one that’s already built.  You get to make all the decisions.
  2. That house is blocking the view. Her recent solution: just move the house up the lot.
  3. Too expensive. That none of us has come up with any solution.  It’s a brand-new home, what did you expect?

After once again going out to the piece of land a few days ago as well as looking at a model home, another set of excuses were made.

  1. It’s too small of a house for such a big lot. I have to agree with that.  The model home was even smaller than our current home but it’s not an excuse to not get the land.  Just choose a bigger floorplan.
  2. The latest excuse and this one was the ultimate deal breaker.  Snakes!!!


After her colleague/potential neighbor told her that there are snakes in that part of the neighborhood, it scared my mom out of her wits.  She has been terrified of snakes ever since her high school classmates placed a tiny snake in her dresser as a prank.  I don’t know if that’s the true story, although I doubt it, her classmates are way too serious to pull any sort of pranks.

Anyway, I think that’s the silliest excuse I’ve ever heard.  There are snakes everywhere, does that mean you’re not going to live anywhere?

I also don’t believe in snakes just popping out from nowhere.  There has to be something that lures the snake to its destination (i.e backyard, garages, house). I told her, if you see a snake in the house, you would’ve been the luckiest person in the neighborhood.

That turned out to be the ultimate deal breaker, right after she demanded the agent to lower the price.  I think the agent might have a melt down after he tried so hard to negotiate the price.  She doesn’t want it!!!

I feel a little bad for the agent now. 😦 On the other hand, I kind of have a feeling from the get go that this wasn’t going to work out no matter how gorgeous the view is and I have no interest of getting in the middle.  The middle man always gets blamed whenever something goes wrong! I remembered how well that worked out when she purchased our current home.

More or less, I think her latest excuse is just the same as excuse #2.  She just might not like the view no matter how high the house goes.

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