Thick and Thin Plates

A few years ago, when we moved out of our apartment into our current home, our neighbor downstairs gave us her set of bowls and plates. She was moving back to Armenia anyway and had no use for those anymore. So we took it. It wasn’t until we looked at it closely that we discovered the ultimate flaw of these bowls and plates.


Some are thick, some are thin. It’s like they put so much clay in one that they forgot the other. I don’t think they were made by hand because if they were, they would be very expensive instead of selling at Walmart for $20 a set.


Can you tell the plate on the left is thicker?

The ones that are thick weighed like a ton while those that are thin chips so easily that accidentally hitting it against the edge of the sink would chip it. Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating it a little but the thick ones are twice the weight as the thin!

Two years ago, when mom’s family was coming for a visit and we found out there was only four bowls in the entire house, we quickly went to Walmart and bought brand new bowls, same brand as the old ones. It was a headache picking out bowls at Walmart since they were too thick and thin. It took forever to pick out six bowls with perfect thickness but we did eventually.

A new set of bowls, equal thickness.

A new set of bowls, equal thickness.

If machines does this poor of a job, I would rather pay a little more to have them made by hand than by machine.

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