Mysterious Secret Admirer

I remember a very funny and joyous situation happen to me during my Senior year of high school. It was Valentine’s Day and the week before, the school was selling roses to be passed out in class on Valentine’s Day.

I knew I wasn’t getting any. After all, I was considered the new kid in school and I didn’t really have friends let alone boyfriends. So when the girl in my group received a dark red rose from her boyfriend, I just put on a smile and be happy for her. Then the flower delivery person rounded the table and from her basket, handed me a beautiful pink rose.ScreenHunter_44Oct271535

I blinked, is this real? There has to be a mistake. I wanted to ask her who it was from but she already walked away to another table. Unlike the girl in my group, there was no card, nothing. Just a pink rose.

The girl looked at the rose in my hand. “Ooh, who is it from?”

“I absolutely have no idea.” I answered.

“You have a secret admirer.” The girl cooed. I just shrugged. Maybe I did or maybe it was just a coincidental mess up.

When mom picked me up right after that class that day, she was as surprised as I was that I received a rose. “Who is it from?” She asked curiously.

“I don’t know.”

“Who would send you a rose?” She said it like I don’t deserve the love from anybody. That was just so her and still is.

Anyway, I guess I may not never know who sent me that rose or maybe it will remain a mystery until the 10 year school reunion when or if that person come up and confess. 🙂 Until then, it shall plague me like a bug.

17 thoughts on “Mysterious Secret Admirer

  1. I have a passive aggressive mom like that, too. When I asked her if she actually wanted children, she said, “Well, it’s just what women did in the 60s.” I thought I’d heard her wrong (because nasty) so a few years later I asked her if she regretted being a mother. Her response: “It was what was expected of women at the time.”

    Nothing says unconditional love like being on someone’s chore list. Happy Fucking Mother’s Day.


  2. I’m so sorry you had to hear that from your own mother. It’s always lovely to get an unexpected gift like that though. Especially on a day like that.


  3. It may be difficult to believe but there are some nice, considerate and sympathetic people in the world. Maybe this was a case where one of those rare individual decided to do something nice for “the new kid.”


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