An Ironic Situation

When someone tells you you need to buy a new something to replace your current something and then your current something suddenly breaks down the next day or so, do you consider this situation to be weird, ironic, perhaps?

YES! Of course, it is weird. I recently faced with a situation like that. Remember a few weeks ago when I had the worst weekend ever? I know you must be tired of hearing the story of how my car broke down a few weeks ago right after I finished pumping gas but I couldn’t think of another situation that matches this prompt.

Anyway, it was  the 4th of July weekend, we were bored at home, tired of studying and needed to take a break. So my mom decided to involve me in a quick search online for cars. “But I don’t need a new car.” I protested. Why do I need to spend 20-grand on a car when I have one that works? What am I, made of money?

“You will eventually need one.” She said. “You know how your aunt and cousin don’t like riding in old car.” I was about to scream, don’t you talk about my baby like that!

They are so damn spoiled! “If they don’t like riding my car, then tell them to get their own. I don’t want to spend my money on something I don’t need.” It is my hard-earn money, earned from hours of frustrations and brain-pain.

Still, she urged me to look at cars and it had to be a new car too. No used car, she demanded no matter how cheap it was. Over the next two weekends, we would spend looking at new cars which it had become a new fear of mine. “But my car isn’t going to break down soon.” I complained.

“You never know.”

Then on July 26, I drove my car to the club officer training. On the way home, I thought I would stop to add some gas, seeing that I only have less than a quarter tank and my car is a gas guzzler. So I stopped at the gas station nearby. I pumped and pumped, until the tank was full. Then I got back in the car, turned the key and at first, it sounded like a dying robot. I was like no no no.

My hand shook as I grabbed my cell and called home. “My car can’t start.” I said in a sobby shaky voice.

“See see, what did I tell you?” It was like when you’re down hurting and somebody comes around and punches you. “I told you to get a new car.”

I let out a loud groan, “I don’t need a new car.” I hung up and called AAA. I didn’t need this crap from her, not now, not ever.

After waiting stupidly at the pump for 45 minutes, the tow truck finally arrived. The first thing the old man with the goatee told me to do was to close the hood. He thought I didn’t need anything but a tow. Clearly, he wanted to charge me for towing outside the 8-mile radius (I was 13 miles from home). I said, “Let’s jump it first. It might just be the battery.”

The guy sounded irritated. “I drove 20 miles for this?” I gave him a sympathetic smile. He attached the jumper cables and immediately, my car started! I thanked the man like 5 times, grateful that it was just the battery. Then I got back in the car and hurried to the nearest auto-shop.

Do you see how ironic this situation was? It seemed like the moment mom say I need a new car, my current 20-year-old car begins deteriorating. Did she coaxed it somehow to deteriorate? Anyway, after changing the battery, now my car is so much better and maybe it will go for another 5 years.

11 thoughts on “An Ironic Situation

  1. I’m afraid your mother just has more experience…at your age I underestimated the power and significance of having been through stuff before. Now? I get it, but why would any young person listen to me? Now I file my taxes in January. Get my car serviced regularly. Turn in my car registration the moment I get the notice, etc. etc. etc.

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  2. Similarly (but opposite), I once took a car in to get appraised because I was looking to replace it with a newer, more efficient car and told the dealer I’d think about it over the weekend and come back on Monday. The next day, I was in a car accident which totaled my old car, and without the trade in I couldn’t afford a newer car. Now that was unfortunate.


    • We all hate to pay for insurance but it can come in handy in cases like this. If you had it, I would think you would at least get something from car insurance you could put toward a replacement.


      • Yah, that only works if you’re not at fault and have total coverage. I had liability. The car was towed to a towing company’s yard and I couldn’t pay the fees to get it out. Since I couldn’t pay *those* fees, they charged me a daily storage fee, because that’s logical. And I had to maintain insurance on the car until the towing company sold it for scrap. That accident cost me a pretty penny and I had no car to show for it. >_>


      • Yeah, I so agree, no car insurance would be that generous. If so, I would’ve replaced my car a year ago when my boss slammed into me. Or even four years ago when I got into that accident.


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  4. As a single woman I always named my cars. I have many fond memories of Vincent Valiant and Miki Mazda, so I feel your pain on hearing negative comments about your four-wheeled baby! I could tell many stories about the unnamed, cursed vehicle I am still driving, but will save those details for another day.


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