Work for free???

Today’s prompt read, if money was out of the equation, would you still work? The answer is maybe if and that is if all the other factors are different. What do I mean, you ask?

I mean that is if I don’t need to pay for anything like food, water, and shelter, the necessary means to survive. Because even though money is out of the equation, that doesn’t mean I can stop paying for things. However, if those factors are the same (require money), then heck no, I am not going to work for nothing.

During the past years, I have worked a couple jobs from teaching to someone’s secretary to now, a linguist and yet, I do not have a substantial saving or income to help me get out of my mother’s nest. Why is that, I wonder.

When I worked at the school, I was working next to nothing. They paid me just barely above the minimum wage and gave me a max of 15 hours a week. In a way, I am kind of glad I still have mom, at least I have food, water, and shelter because on that measly income, I cannot last a week out there on my own.

Then there’s that secretary job with my former boss plus the tutoring job with his spoiled son as well as being a driver/translator/company for his wife. Although he paid me better than the school, the hours were ridiculous. Some days, the hours were long and loaded while some days, the hours were just plain boring. They just had me sitting there, doing nothing, yet they won’t let me go saying they might need me for something later. Well, how much later? Also, the pay is monthly instead of weekly or bi-weekly and I have to drive an hour+ to pick my paycheck.

Finally, there’s my current job. It has to be the best job I’ve had in two years. It’s flexible working at home. The pay’s okay too but it’s been diminishing each month. Last month, we were staggered to find out the work out the work load for this month and at first, I wondered, can I complete all that under mom’s rushing deadline of 25 days?debt-clipart

It turned out it was a small work load since most of it was just removing sentences instead of adding and translating sentences. We finished in 10 days, under 100 hours. So now what? For the remainder of the month, not only I have nothing to do but I am not getting paid. No income. With school tuition and book fees coming due this week, I’m not sure how I am going to afford it other than piling on the credit card debt.

With that said, I am looking for a little extra income outside work and wonder if you can help me. If you have anything, college papers, stories, etc. you need to be proofread or translated from Chinese to English and vice-versa. I am willing to do it for a small charge. I don’t know how much yet but I will let you know soon. In the mean time, I can be contacted at the below email with any job but please no spam mail. 


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