Top favorite drinks but not signature

I have three favorite drinks but I don’t have a signature drink. I tried to replicate my favorite drinks a few times to tweak it to make it my own but it was never successful. I guess I don’t have a gift for making drinks. Either that or you can only make it using professional grade blender and not my cheap $20 blender.

I should probably tell about my favorite drinks and why I can’t replicate them. My ultimate top of the list drink is the Boba milk tea. I’ve only had it twice, once in China and once in Oakland, California. I tell you, it is the best thing I have ever drunk. I will never forget it. I have never seen the process in making this delicious drink but my mom has when she worked in a restaurant. She told me it involves a lot of hard work to get that tapioca just right and you need special machine to do it. Also the calories for this drink happens to be horrendous, so I don’t want to drink too much.

My next favorite drink is milkshake. I think everybody knows what is in a milkshake, ice cream and milk blended together in creamy goodness. I first fell in love with this drink when my step-grandmother bought it for me at Burger King. It instantly became my favorite drink, that is before I rediscovered the deliciousness of Boba. Then every Sunday, right after church when my step-grandparents, step-dad, and I go to Burger King to get our usual Sunday meal (me, fish sandwich), I would also order a milkshake.

The hazard of milkshake, though, is the calories. After I learned the enormous calories and my eyes popped open at the number, I quit drinking it but it remained as one of my favorite drinks. I tried to make it a few times but it was a big failure because it turns out, it doesn’t work if there are nuts in the ice cream and that is the only kind my mom buys.

Last but not least, fruit smoothie. I consider this drink to be the healthy alternative to the milkshake. It’s got fruit. It’s got yogurt. It’s got juice. My favorite place to get smoothie is Ben and Jerry. Yes, the ice cream shop but their signature smoothies are out of this world. I made it myself a couple times but it was so watery and everything tasted wrong. Don’t get me started about mom’s smoothie. She doesn’t like cold drinks so she uses room temperature water instead of juice. Room temperature water, yuck. Plus she puts all kinds of weird things in there that I can’t even mention on here.

Although I am regularly on some kind of diet, I still do like to enjoy some of my favorite drinks once in a while.

Anything you want to ask? Want to know?

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