Tests of Friendship

I am so excited this morning! I have made it through one year of blogging. Yeah, I didn’t post consistently until the summer but I did post once in a while whenever I’m inspired. It’s been a fun journey to watch this little blog of mine grow and thanks to all of you who took the time to read and like my posts. Let’s go for another year!

Anyway, enough of my babbling, today’s prompt reads: If you had to come up with one question, the answer to which would determine whether or not you could be friends with a person you’ve just met, what would it be? What would the right answer be?

Honestly, I don’t ask myself questions like that. If someone comes up to me and wants to be my friend, I will be so grateful. I would literally be friends with anyone. Then if that either one of us are not fit to be friends. Then we just slowly drift apart. For some reason, it always worked for me. Rarely will the friendship become something of a frenemy except that time.

I was in middle school. I know, I keep referencing back to middle school. I was in P.E. class and there was this new girl. She had gray-blue eyes and tan skin. Her name was Angel except she was no angel. She approached me and immediately seemed to want to be my friend. I was so happy because how often is there someone who comes up to me and wants to be my friend?

We had so much fun during class but unfortunately, that was the only class we had in common. The next day in PE, I’m not sure what happened but Angel had befriended with some of the other students and began teasing and making fun of me. I was like what the heck?! What happened overnight? I’ve never talked to her again as she was like everyone else who like to make people (i.e me) feel bad.

Although I don’t ask myself any sort of question, I do tests. If this person and I are still friends after a day, I will go for a week. Then I would go by a weekly basis. Also, if this person makes fun of me in front of others, if I’m there and it’s just light teasing and I’m laughing along, then yes, I would probably still be friends with this person.

However, if they are anything like my so-call friends in middle school who say bad things about me behind my back, I will ask why and then judge their answer to see whether or not I will still be friends with this person. There’s more, it goes on and on. Ultimately, it’s like there’s an algorithm in my head.

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