Too Much Too Little

ednaferber382367Today’s Daily Prompt reads: “Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.” – Edna Ferber Do you agree with this statement on excess?

Yes, actually, I do agree with this statement. Some things are just perfect in the middle. Take baking, for example. If you have a cake with either too much salt or sugar, the cake won’t taste right.

It’s similar to my situation now. Late last night, mom has decided to 100% transfer the car to my aunt who is going to pay it off completely. Today, there’s a guy coming to look at my old car, less than two days after I post an ad to sell it for $2000. If the guy decides to buy my car, I will truly be car-less and you have no idea how horrible it feels because that means I can’t go anywhere. I live in a town where everything is spread out. There’s an enormous need for a car because without a car, I can’t go anywhere.

Anyway, back to the prompt. Mom told me I need to get a car for myself. Even though a used car is just in my price range, it’s out of the question because they won’t let me. It has to be a new car. Here’s where the statement on excess comes in. Mom wants me to buy an All-wheel drive so I’ll be safer on snow and icy roads but those come with a large price tag.

Well, I’m just driving to school and back, 30 miles round trip max daily. Do I really need to get such a pricey car? It’s not like I’m going to go up the mountain or somewhere with high elevation. On the other hand, I did some research on low-price car ($12000- 13000) and well those cars have other worries, wind. I pass through the mouth of a canyon everyday on my way to school and it’s often the windiest spot of the whole drive.

I have driven my mom’s car and it swayed uncontrollably like a piece of paper. That’s what I’m worried about with those cars. I guess I should probably go for the middle price, not the ridiculous price on the new car mom bought yesterday yet not as low as the tiny hatchbacks that might get me scared of the wind. Maybe I should just settle in the $15000 to $19000 price range because too large of a price will cause me a headache and too small of a price will make me run away from driving. 

One thought on “Too Much Too Little

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