I DO NOT Eat Everything!

picky2I have been in the United States for almost 13 years now, more than half of my life had been spent here. When I meet Chinese folks, they tend to have all kinds of assumptions about my diet. Oh, you’ve been here a long time, you must eat all American food. Not exactly. What do you normally eat dinner? Most would ask. Rice, vegetables and meat, I’d tell them.

When I worked for the Li’s earlier this year, they were even more ridiculous. They often asked me to eat the stuff that they don’t like such as cold pizza, burritos (chimichanga), and even over-sweetened cakes. I was like, why don’t you eat them? Don’t treat me like a garbage disposer. I remember a quote from my mom’s speech, “If there are 4 legs and it can walk, it’s food.” I guess they took it literally. When I complained to mom about it, she came up with the term, Garbage Mouth. It means someone who eat everything literally. image03291553

No, that is not me. I am a super ridiculously picky eater. Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating a little but it’s true and I hate it when people assume I eat everything. One thing I tell you I do not eat is onions. Green, red, spring, anything that belongs to the onion family, I DO NOT eat, that includes leeks. I like the smell of minced garlic with vegetables but I throw it away right after.

Another kind of food I don’t like is squishy sloppy food. You’re like what? I’m talking about anything hot that makes the squishy sound when I squeeze it. No, Popsicles don’t count. Those include burritos, sloppy Joes, apply sauce, well, you get my point.

Oh and don’t get me started on smelly food. Smelly food makes my stomach churn and I can’t think around those kinds of food and I don’t mean like when people say they can’t think around food. I literally I get headaches and want to vomit.

One time when I was still living in L.A., My step-dad and his friends decided to go to an Indian restaurant after church since his friends resided in India for quite some time. As we entered the restaurant, the smell of curry was so potent that immediately I ran back outside and wanted to vomit. I’d never mind the smell of hot curry, in fact I liked curry, until that moment. It turned out what I smelled was a different kind of curry, I forgot what they called it but it was horrible. So no Greek, Thai, or Indian food for me.

Frankly, I can sit here and go on and on about what I don’t like to eat but I think by the time I’m done, you all might unsubscribe my blog so I’m going to end with these three. For now though, I think I’d stick to my favorite foods, Chinese, American, and Italian food.

6 thoughts on “I DO NOT Eat Everything!

  1. No cat, dog, vole, snake or chicken intestines for you, then? When I was in China, my Chinese friends thought it was a lot of fun to put stuff in my bowl they thought I would not eat. I just ignored them. However, I could draw a crowed in a jiao-tze restaurant just by eating with chopsticks which, of course, at the time, most Chinese did not think a wai guo ren could possibly do…

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    1. Ew, no cat, dog, and those precious animals ever. Water snakes are good though in soup. I miss that.

      When I went to Hangzhou 10 years ago, my mom bought me a bunch foods from the street market. It was delicious but I didn’t bother to ask what was in it. So maybe I have had one of those precious animals before.

      😀 Yes I can imagine you drawing a crowd to watch you use chopsticks.

      I got some praises too when I ate at my boss’s for still remembering how to use the chopsticks, though I don’t know what’s the big deal.

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      1. I don’t know what the big deal is, either. I knew how to eat with chopsticks before I went to China. I think most food is easier to eat with chopsticks — spaghetti, noodles (like Ramen), salad, vegetables — anything that doesn’t need to be cut up. I find it very awkward when I’m at a table in a restaurant and there are no chopsticks and I have to eat salad.

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      2. I so agree with you. I think the only foods that are impractical for chopsticks are rice and mash potatoes. It’s less messy and more polite to eat rice with a spoon instead of shoving rice into your face.

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