Fiction or Non-Fiction

tkLOe7nnQ7mnMsiuijBy_hmSince I got my kindle reader less than three years ago, I have read close to 100 books. That is a lot by my standards. I can tell you that ALL of them are fiction.

I love reading about history. It makes my imagination go wild but if I’m going to read about history, why not read the dramatic take of a specific event? It would involve love, death, and all that stuff that would make me jealous and sad. Besides, if I want to read about facts, wouldn’t I just turn to a history book?

I also choose to read fiction because many of those literary fictions that were written long ago like pre-20th century, those novels often depict the lifestyle back then and I like to compare then and now. Like the inventions and I also like to marvel at the simplicity of life. No phones, computers, and all the electronic gadgets that have caused us to sit more stand or walk.

Anyway, there may be a lot of great non-fiction books out there that’s crying for my attention but I think I’ll stick to fiction for now.

I know this post is random and all but I hope if I have time, I may post something else later today. For now though, I have to go to school.

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