Train Rides

Sorry for the late post. Well, I guess it’s not that late. It’s not even noon yet but it will be by the time I post this. I’ve been studying and taking an exam all morning. Not the same one as the one on Saturday, it’s a different exam and I feel so much better now that I’m done with my exams for now. Man, I can really use a break but then again, I have class at the moment so I will just be quick.

It’s been a while since I’ve ridden a train. I have ridden plenty of trains especially since I’ve moved to Utah. For the five years during my undergraduate career, I rode the train to school every single day. Then I also rode the transit tracks train to the hospital ever since I’ve got braces. The longest train journey was the 15 hours train ride from Salt Lake City to Sacramento, California.

During that long slow train ride, I can remember cramp hallway and some very creepy travelers. I remember people piling their stuff in the aisles and I have to step over them again and again as I make my way to the observation car. I also remember brushing teeth in a tiny bathroom while getting jostled around as the wheels of the train galloped over the tracks. In a simple word, although it was fun visiting all the quaint little towns along the way, let’s just say it is quite unlikely I will travel by train to California anytime soon.

However, that doesn’t mean I’ve spent a lot of time in a train station. There are no train stations here, there’s only train platform and rarely does something happen there. So the only station I’ve ever been in was the Sacramento Train Station and I don’t even know the name of that. Therefore, the only stories that’s left to tell are those happened on the train. I think I will tell those another day. For today though, I think I will just settle with that short one above about my train ride to California. I may post something else later after lunch and homework.

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