One, Two, or Three?

unsplash-bonusToday’s Daily Prompt states:  “A lively group discussion, an intimate tête-à-tête, an inner monologue — in your view, when it comes to a good conversation, what’s the ideal number of people?”

It all depends on the conversation but I’d say two or three is the ideal number of people. In some conversations, three’s a crowd while in some conversations, even two’s considered a crowd. Well, those conversations you just have to have it to yourself then.

Sorry, my brain’s a bit fuzzy this morning trying to come up with a situation.

Ah, yes, there is no more awkward conversation than when you’re saying horrible things about someone and they are just thirty feet away from you. This happens so often in my home, especially now. I would be sitting right next to mom and in the middle of our conversation, she would start babbling on about how my aunt and cousin did this and how they did that while they are just downstairs within our earshot. I think those are the conversation that should be done alone and no one’s listening.

A conversation that should be done with two or three people is as states in the prompt, a lively group discussion. One of my classes at the moment have something we do almost every other week called “Small group assignment” where the instructor gives us a worksheet and we have to do it on our own in class. When the entire class is finished, we get into groups. The instructor would often asks, “How many makes a group?”

The class will then answer, “Three.”

I agree, three makes a group and it is needed when it comes to discussion assignments and other assignments, three is the ideal number because an extra opinion will be needed to confirm the correct answer or the correct method to get the answer. Four or five, at least for me, is a bit excessive, that is, if you want to start an argument.

Now is your turn, what is the ideal number of people to have a conversation?

Anything you want to ask? Want to know?

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