To My Family:

I’ve been trying to convey these messages for what seemed like forever because I know that if I ever say these things out loud, all you’d do is laugh. Therefore, I’ve decided to write it down which I am sure that one day, you’d be able to look at this and understand every single word I say (alas, that day is today!)

  1. Having an imagination is not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean a person is crazy. It just means they are creative. It just means their brain is capable of coming up of situations that don’t normally happen in life. Like it or not, some people would be so jealous to be able to come up with a fantasy world.
  2. Another thing, you guys keep teasing me about my writing. You guys think that just because I was bullied at school a long time ago, all my writing would constantly be focused on that. There are tons of other things I’d like to write about other than my childhood.
  3. Just because I’m slow at grasping subjects doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I just like to turn something inside out to make sure I understand to the point I will never forget.
  4. The final message is that just because I’ve been given clothes, food, and shelter does NOT mean my life is a piece of cake. Life is not easy for anybody.

I do hope that after reading this, you guys would be a little more appreciative of the things I do and take what I say a little more seriously.



2 thoughts on “To My Family:

  1. Oh my dear, we are all misunderstood by someone, often the closest individuals to us. Being creative and able to adapt yourself to new things is one of the most important skills nowadays, so keep hold of it as much as you can. Once you get into full employment and so on and so forth, you will see how important it actually is. Be happy 🙂 ❤

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