Thank you

Re: To my Family:

Thank you, Yinglan, we found your note yesterday. We read it and at first, it was confusing and then bam! it was all clear. We understood every word and we must say, we were wrong to make all those assumptions about you. You’re right, we never understood. We just thought it was childish at the time and laughed but we know now that the ability to imagine is amazing.

You’re also correct. Just because we went through something traumatic does not mean that we have to constantly write about it. Once or twice is enough but constantly would become annoying.

We’re sorry we misunderstood you. It wasn’t right for us to judge and joke about your mental capabilities. On the other hand, you could have said something about that, about how you want to turn something inside out and analyze it until you can never forget. We would have been okay with it.

Lastly, We are sorry to assume that just because our lives are hard, yours is not. We know now that nobody’s life is easy. Everybody’s got their own problems to deal with. Thank you for letting us truly know how you feel.


Your Family

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