Why couldn’t I just left it alone?

If there is one thing I regret doing, it would be doing that surgery more than a year back and getting braces.

Remember this post? To some of you, this may be familiar while to others will be new because I wrote this post about 5 months back and I have gain quite a number of followers since then. How about this one?

Anyway, when I wrote that first post, I have just gotten back from the orthodontist. You see, I had a minor problem with my braces the day before. My mom just so happened to be home from work that day and she came with me.

The moment she came face to face with my orthodontist, she explained told him that the braces was causing me a ton of pain and we cannot afford to perform any more surgeries on my mouth. Remember that surgery I mentioned at the beginning of this post, my mom spent more than $1,000 on that surgery. It was supposed to pull two teeth down from my gums and a year later, we still got no results whatsoever.

Anyway, I think she did a great thing for me that day, she convinced my orthodontist to remove the braces. That should make me cheer, right? Unfortunately, I also did a horrible thing that day when the orthodontist gave me the option of having my braces remove that very day or wait until the spaces were closed which he said would be the Fall.

I made the horrible mistake of choosing the second option, thinking a few more months wouldn’t hurt. Now, more than 5 months later, winter is approaching and my orthodontist still hasn’t remove my braces.

So if there is one thing maybe two I regret doing, it would be getting that surgery last year and getting braces. I was fine with my teeth originally. I didn’t have any pain. I was just missing a few teeth, big whoop.

Now, with the braces, I cannot go anywhere for more than a month because I have to go back to the orthodontist to have my braces re-tied and checked. Adding on to that, braces have become unpredictable, at least for me. Not to mention I have two chains hanging down in my mouth and there’s a spot on my cheek that when I touch it, it hurts. Ouch!

Then a couple nights ago, while I was brushing my teeth, I felt something shift in my mouth. The wire? The tie around the band? Even at this moment, it still feels as if the tie around the band would pop out and the wire would go “ping” and start cutting into my cheek, ruining my day and weekend.

If it does that, this would mean a drop-in at the orthodontist office on Monday afternoon and that’s not good because I would have to wait in the hall for like 30 minutes to an hour before getting seen.

From my last appointment, it looked like, according to the orthodontist, if I’m fortunate and by that, I mean, my spaces are closed, I’ll get my braces removed at the next appointment which is early December. I should feel excited by that news but instead, I feel eh, like my orthodontist is just going to postpone it again and again, saying that it’s not ready.

So that’s the lesson to be learned here, if something’s fine the way it is, let it be.

2 thoughts on “Why couldn’t I just left it alone?

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  2. Amen! PS I like the color you’ve added. Green is one of my favorites. One of these days I’ll work up the nerve, ambition, etc. to tweak my blog’s appearance a bit. Till then, I will just appreciate how cool others are making theirs look.

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