It’s Looking Bright

Well, I just had another adventurous day, this time, not on the road but on the sidewalk. Apparently, the university had decided to clean the parking lots but not the walkways. There was like a layer of ice in front of every building. It took me forever to get to my class.

I was surprised that despite the ice and slippery conditions, some people decided to wear their flats and high heels to school. Well, I would like to wish them good luck. Then again, I bet no one is as clumsy as I am.

Anyway, before I left this morning, I opened my browser and had a quick look at the prompt. Honestly, I thought it was worse than yesterday’s. But whatever, I need some inspiration.

My keyword for the google image search is “LANDSCAPE” and here’s the eleventh image.

" Street Art " Montreal 2012

This is beautiful, isn’t it? According to google, this is a painting of sunset in Montreal, Canada.

LANDSCAPE” is often my search word in google because when it’s so gloomy and cloudy and the weather’s yucky outside, my inspiration meter would plunge and looking at beautiful painting or photo of somewhere tend to be able to squeeze something out of me.

You know, after going to my new classes today, I think I will look forward to this semester and this year. It’s looking bright.

15 thoughts on “It’s Looking Bright

  1. Lovely painting Yinglan. I was captivated by the photo at the top of your post as in Australia right now it is very hot and humid where I live and snow is something I can only wish for. But summer in Australia is always hot and humid in my part of the world. Have a good evening.

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  2. I’m sorry. I didn’t notice where you were from. I attend school at the University of Wyoming and flip flops and heels are a common sight here…even in the middle of winter when you can’t see the sidewalks for all the snow and ice. Be careful out there wherever you are. That ice can sneak up and bite you on the booty. 😉

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    1. I’m from Northern Utah, it’s nice to meet you and thank you for checking out my post.

      I slipped and fell a couple times in the past and since then, ice became my biggest fear especially black ice. Now, that’s terrifying.


  3. You know I’ve never once in my life seen snow. It’s one of those things I think Caribbean children fantasies about, because of the amount of exposure we get to in the media. But we are all just a little fearful, cause that stuff on top of being colder than we know, sounds dangerous. Hope your safe.

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    1. I grew up in Southern China so I’ve never seen snow either. Then when I moved to Southern California, the only place to see snow was at the top of the mountain which we one time drove more than 1 hour to just see barely any snow on the ground.

      The media portrays snow as romantic and miraculous but after an accident and plenty of slipping and falling, yes, snow is dangerous. I hope I can survive the remainder of this cold winter without slipping and fall. Wish Spring would come like now.

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    1. My semester sounds like a lot of fun already with only two days of school a week and the rest at home.
      I know right? I couldn’t believe it was a painting either until I saw the description.

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  4. Beautiful image. I love the way the left side of the painting plays off of the right side with different colors. I’m in the snow too in Tennessee and a transplant from Florida so I am trying to get used to the cold and snow. 🙂

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