Pencils Only

“Do all of your assignment with pencil on paper.” That’s what all the instructors said on the first day class.

When I was working on my undergraduate degree, we were not allowed to type our homework, except for the communication class when we were required to type our reports. Well, frankly, if we were to write our reports by hand, it would take forever and by the time we finish, our hands might be in some serious pain.

Even now, I write all my notes by hand on my tablet instead of typing them in Microsoft OneNote. I enjoy writing my notes by hands because it just feels so much faster especially when the class involves drawing tables and graphs.

Still, that doesn’t stop me from imagining what the world would be like if we were to go back to pre-keyboard era which would be before the 1860’s when the typewriter was invented. Technically, typewriters count as keyboards. They have keys and the paper is the screen.


I guess without the keyboard’s existence, I might be dipping pens, pencils probably existed but maybe only special people used ’em. Maybe clumsy people like me might not even have pens but just wooden sticks to write in the sand so we don’t get ink all over our dresses.

This semester, I found out I have to type all my assignments! Honestly, I rather prefer to go back to the pencil and paper days. At least I won’t have to stare at a screen the entire day. I mean, it’s killing my eyes! I find myself to have to zoom in to 150% this morning just to read this Supreme Court Case (Brown v. Board of Education) for my Business Law assignment and the font wasn’t even that small. The words just looked so blurry and tiny to me.

Please do NOT tell me I’m going blind.

3 thoughts on “Pencils Only

  1. This made me laugh, “Technically, typewriters count as keyboards. They have keys and the paper is the screen.” Someone my age would say, “Technically, keyboards count as typewriters. They have keys and the screen is the paper.” 🙂

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