Imagination Recharged

Last week was both a great week and a bad week for me. First the new semester began and that came with a lot homework and reading. Classes were starting out great and I’m still able to blog daily. I can still spent one or two hours every night to work on my novel.

Then something strange happened. I couldn’t describe it and I still can’t but I felt like I had lost my will to write anything. My inspirations were completely gone, flown out of my head, whoosh.

That’s probably why nothing I wrote last week was any good.

By Thursday, I was frustrated as heck. Sitting before my computer, can’t think of a thing to write, none of the prompts were really squeezing out of me either. I know I had writer’s block before but nothing this bad.

Anyway, my mom came home that day, demanded I go to the park with her. I didn’t really want to. It was freezing outside and I didn’t exactly want to going outside and risk getting a cold. “No thanks.” I told her. “You go.”

But she was determined. She came into my room and determined to drag me out to the park.

“It’s like 36 outside.” I whined and pouted.

“But you need the exercise or else you’ll get fat and none of your clothes will fit.” I didn’t budge. So she decided to use her ultimate weapon to get me to comply, cuddling. You ever hear someone say one hug a day can improve emotional health? I heard that from somewhere and made the mistake of telling my mom I am not getting enough hugs from her. Hence, it is not wow her ultimate weapon to get me comply. Ugh, I’m such a sucker. 😛

Anyway, together we walked to the park a block away and by the time we got there, my hands were red and my face was freezing. My mom was complaining about the cold too. That’s what you get for dragging me out into the cold. 

“Let’s run!” She said. I shrugged. Since I was feeling cold, I thought I might as well as run, maybe I will get warm. And there I went, almost a full lap around the park, my throat was burning with every breath and my legs and feet were both threatening to me. At last, my mom said. “You can stop if you want.”

And I did. I looked like I was about to keel over. I bent over, my hands were on my knees as I tried to catch my breath while watching my mom kept going. I told myself at that moment. You know, someday, I’m truly going to finish running a full lap around this park. 

From inside my pocket, I pulled out my iPod and earbuds. I stuck the earbuds into my ears and pressed play on my iPod, my music came on. Then slowly, I finished the remaining about 0.1 mile and walked another lap. During my walk, I thought about the unfinished story I was writing for Friday Fictioneers, how the story I wrote didn’t really make much sense.

Ugh, this funk is killing me! I remember thinking. No pictures, no stories, nothing was playing inside my head, leading me to write the story. I kept wondering whether that lone survivor story was the last good story I will write.

Then, there it was…

About half-way through the second lap, something sparked like someone had lit a fire in my head. That’s it, I thought, that was so absolutely it. The happy and mysterious ending for that short story.

Hmm, maybe all I needed was a little time away from the computer or maybe a bit of fresh air and jogging. I suddenly felt recharged, like there’s a million stories floating in my brain once again.

Daily Prompt – Re-springing Your Step

6 thoughts on “Imagination Recharged

  1. I enjoyed your story of getting past your writing block. Clearly sometimes the best solution is just getting away for a bit. It probably won’t always work but you found the solution. Enjoy those hugs when you can get them.

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